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Apollonia Llewellyn, 20-year-old British model who won a beauty pageant,
stepped forward to address cyberbullying. The gorgeous diva said
that she receives countless social media posts aimed at her appearance
and spend … Apollonia Llewellyn survived years of bullying at school.
other girls call her ‘fat and ugly’ and claim that her place of residence
regularly pelted with eggs, stones, and sometimes even sent death
threats via mail.

16-year-old who now dreams of becoming a Victoria’s Secret model said
she was made to feel worthless because of the older girls at school who sent her
death threats and even physical attacks on her.

Apollonia said that I didn’t go to the local high school after taking on the daily job, so I
could start over and everything was fine until the ninth grade
at the age of 14, when I first did a mom and daughter photo shoot for mom
Day. The photographer said that I am photogenic and that I should sign
agency and then after the first shooting, the girls started a photo shoot, which I really liked
I, she remembered … They called me aansl * g even though I never even
kissed the boy.

I was pressed against the trees, stones and eggs were thrown into the house and
They sent death threats by mail, it was terrible. Talking about trolls
Apollonia Llewellyn added I just want to show girls on my social media
what if they get comments like this to tell them they’ll be okay –
the people writing these comments are just trolls and they don’t know you
personally. I encourage anyone who writes things like this to think twice.
before they post or leave comments as they don’t know that
the consequences can be.

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