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Ayame Misaki, also known as Misaki Ayame, was born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.
Japan (April 26, 1989) – Japanese artist associated with Horipro. it
first appeared in intaglio and theatrical magazines,
subsequently acted as an artist … She is notable for portraying Miki in
Cutie Honey: The Live.

Misaki wins 29th Horipro Taranto Scout Caravan at Weekly Young Sunday
the grant (the best grant for gravure printing) came about. Her advertising trademark is Heisei-
The F. Cup was born. January 15, 2005 Misaki appeared in gravure magazine. On
On October 12, 2005, she was the Chief Chief of the Harajuku Police Force.
headquarters. In 2006, Misaki was selected in the film ‘Girl of Five Stars.’

On March 2, 2006, she became a member of the women’s futsal group Xandu.
cherishes NHC. In December 2006, at Ninkiko Gekidan at Gravure Idol no.
Otaiba Shou-Geki-jo collaboration, Misaki appeared in Nirubaune, coordinated by
by Seiji Nozoe. In October 2007, she appeared in Cutie Honey: The Live as
Miki Saotome … In 2012, Misaki appeared in TokumeiSentai Go-Busters as Escape.
starting from scene 22.

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