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Carrie Ann Hunt is an artist and film producer from Colombia.
SC … She began her vocation in front of the public, and her old style
the training ended up being a solid foundation for her current job in
TV and cinema.

Despite her acting skills, Carrie Ann is also the creator of Faerie.
Path Productions, where Carrie is currently creating her dream.
arrangement of the experience. She also usually acts as the creator, author and
chief, helping various manufacturers understand their inventive dreams.

As an acting mentor, Carrie Ann is committed to helping everyone.
the artist discovers their light and sparkles. Carrie Ann is best known for her
work at Hillbilly Elegy (Netflix), The Farmhand (Amazon Prime), Star (FOX),
Beach house (stamp).

Also in Living the Dream (Sky 1 – UK), Magic Mike XXL (Warner Brothers),
Sleepy Hollow (FOX), Edgar Allan Poe’s Mystery Theater (PBS) and Drop Dead
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