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She is a famous reality TV star. Cassie, 27, she was an executive director
assistant by profession. She recently took part in the second season of the series.
show Love Island Australia. On the show, she was paired with Adam Farrugi and
seven days later she was paired with a girl named Phoebe. They formed
the story of a same-sex couple for the first time in the series. She was chosen
with Luke Packham then. Cassie stayed with Luke for over 30 days and
eventually left the show because they were less popular … As a couple
she took 9th place. Relationship broke off last year since Luke
I learned my new love. She said she was happy for Luke and still remains him
good friend.

Cassie was born on October 28, 1992 in a London city
United Kingdom. She is also a singer, musician and poetry writer. Initially,
she grew up in London and then moved to London. Her father
British, and her mother is Chinese. Cassie claims she was in three
relationship, and the latter was toxic. Her last boyfriend broke her
heart, and then she was completely broken. In 2013 she also
auditioned for the X-Factor United Kingdom.

Good!! She is a well-known Instagram personality and continues to write about her fitness.
photos. Cassie has over 96.1 thousand followers on Instagram. Her sexuality and
her fans admire her curvy body. She also has TikTok and Youtube.
channel. Cassie shares her makeup tutorials and workout videos … it
last month shared a new video in which she introduced her fans
her boyfriend. Cassie mentioned in the video that her current boyfriend
choosing your outfit.

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