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Who is Celia Gabbiani?

She is a professional CrossFit athlete, originally from Marmand, France. Her
the trip started when she was 10 years old. Celia started swimming in competitions, and
from there she developed a desire to participate in various sports.

In 2012, a driving instructor introduced her to CrossFit.
She quickly became interested in sports and started competing at an age
out of 21 … It didn’t take long for Celia to start making a name for herself by acquiring
his first few competitions and shares his successes online.

She was born in 1990 in Marmanda, France, Celia Gabbiani met
her older sister went in for sports when she was 6 years old. According to Cecilia, she is not
I remember how it all turned on, but she says that she noticed the desire
competing in early childhood.

Celia started swimming with her sister at the age of 10 and began to practice
competed in discipline when she was only 13. Her sister eventually quit her job
but Celia continued to swim professionally for many years.

At the age of 19, Celia moved to Toulouse to earn her lifeguard diploma.
During this time, she stopped participating in swimming competitions and
started looking for work.

She spent 3 years in Toulouse gaining experience in various fields, and
meeting new people … Celia is not only a professional swimmer, but also
makeup artist at the time.

While she was in Toulouse, Celia applied for a driving license exam.
She learned about CrossFit from her mentor Eric Monoyer, who was a son.
CrossFit coach Patrick Monoyer and told her that she had
potential to excel in sports.

Celia said she was always an adventurous person and loved to experiment.
with everything, so she decided to try.

She started training at CrossFit Chin Menton with Patrick,
who started developing specialized programs for Celia. She said that thanks
her trainer, she had the right to progress quickly in all CrossFit exercises,
and was soon ready to compete.

Her first competition took place 3 months later, in the spring of 2013, and Celia realized that
she had problems with the heavyweights. She’s not used to weightlifting, and
because of this, she only managed to qualify for Throwdowns Europe … It was
at this point, she went to the gym and started lifting heavy weights to
identify her weaknesses and, in the end, win the power competition.

Celia continued her competition and achieved decent results. it
also started sharing her journey with her subscribers on the Internet.

In the future, Celia wants to be successful in CrossFit and become
accepted all over the world, like one of its inspirers, Andrea Ager.

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