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Electra Natchios is the full name of this character. It
fictional character appearing in American comics published by
Miracle. The character was created by Frank Miller and the character was the first.
appeared in Daredevil. She was the love interest of the superhero Daredevil,
but her cruel nature and self-serving lifestyle separated them. It
trained volatile character of greek origin … Her trademark weapon is a pair

Elektra was born on an island in the Aegean region to the Hugo family.
Costas Natchios and his wife Christina Natchios. She had an older brother. Her
mother was killed by enemies. She stayed with her father, but soon began
hallucinations. Her father was forced to send her to a rehabilitation center. She started
practicing martial arts soon after recuperating. Her father became
Later, the ambassador of Greece. She attended Columbia University. She met
Matt Murdoch got involved in the incident and contacted him immediately. They are drawn
to each other, as they are very similar. They are in a romantic relationship.

She takes revenge on some molesters in her style. She started training with
Matt together. Later, her father is killed by professional assassins. it
goes to the Mountain of Chastity to train for revenge. She later joined
rival organization The Hand. She worked as a bounty hunter for several years.
She also defeats Bullseye. … Together with Matt in disguise
Daredevil, they challenge Kirigi’s rule. She is later killed, but later
resurrected by the Hand. She later fights the Beast. There is a phase
life where it falls from grace. Sometimes she picks up a fighter ahead
her own and calls them Ryu. She also takes part in solo adventures. Electra
a famous character who wants to prove himself.

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