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American journalist Ellie Lafors was also a model and beauty.
titled contestant. She is widely known for being the host of We Need TV
to Talk and Friday’s Night Touchdown. She was born on December 11, 1988 in g.
Vermillion, Ohio, USA. She studied at Ohio University. Ellie
also played five games in her freshman year … She studied television journalism
at her college.

In 2004, Ellie began her pageant career and won the Miss Ohio Teen USA competition.
2005 title. After that, she got the chance to represent Ohio in the Miss Teen pageant.
2005 USA Competition. Ellie competed in Swimsuit, Evening Dress and Finals.
interview contests. She also won Miss Teen USA 2004. After that, Ellie
signed a deal with Trump Modeling Management.

She also received a scholarship to the School of Film and Television. Allie also
got a chance to appear in the soap opera Passion. She started working in 2010.
as a side reporter for the Mid-American Conference football season. In 2011,
Ellie has also worked as a third-party reporter for the MAC men’s basketball tournament.
and the OHSAA basketball tournament.

She also hosted Friday Night Touchdown that same year and won
reward. Ellie was signed to Channel 8 WJW and worked as a reporter and played sports.
anchor … In 2014, Ellie was a third-party reporter for the SEC on the CBS and NBA channels.
Summer League.

On the CBS sports network, she hosted the show We Need to Talk. In 2018, Ellie
left CBS Sports but occasionally appears on CBS for her March Madness.
the role of reporting. Ellie later signed with Turner Sports and continued her role.
as an outside reporter for the NCAA and NBA tournaments on TNT.

In 2005, she married MLB pitcher Joe Smith. Ellie Lafors is very
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