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21-year-old CrossFit athlete Gabriela Migala once said in an interview
to balance a normal lifestyle while exercising and preparing for
the competition is fierce, like at 20 when other people of her age are going to
to have fun while she was at the gym and to work.
According to her, she started training so early, and therefore
she could not have had as much pleasure, but she also stated that if someone wants to be
Best of all, she has to sacrifice a lot of fun things.

Migala started her tennis career at the age of 8, once lived and
discipline. After that, she took up CrossFit to improve her tennis skills.
player. To improve her tennis game, she decided to train at the gym,
and then she checked that a new CrossFit box had opened … After watching some
video she decided to switch from tennis to crossfit only training. In 2016
she signed up for the Open and managed to qualify for CFG as a teenager
category. She then competed in the junior division of the CrossFit Games in St.
2016 and finished third. After that she also qualified
CrossFit Games adult in 2019. Before that, she competed in Dubai and
competed with some great athletes. Four days of competition include
tennis stadium, ocean swimming and desert. She was in the top 10
shows, but she was not satisfied with her ending. In January 2019, she
also took part in Wodapalooza in Miami. She is currently coached by Michal.

After the WZA she was planning Open in Europe and she also has a plan.
about French Throwdown. She once shared that she played before CrossFit
tennis, but has not won a single major competition … Therefore, when she stood on the podium in
tennis stadium in Karlson, it was really special for her and she understood
her potential in CrossFit and it was her inspiration to keep training
and be the best. She is a fan of Lauren Fisher since she was one of the youngest.
athletes on the field, and she’s doing well too. In addition, she also
admires many athletes, but she does not look at them the way she would like
better than them, and she also wants to defeat them.

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