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This article will focus on the Canadian model, actress Gina Holden.

Gina is a very famous Canadian model and actress. She became widely known
as a result of her many activities in the modeling industry, as well as
film industry. She is also one of the actresses to qualify for the first
achieve in your country before coming to Hollywood … This is not surprising
that the celebrity captivated with her beauty and innate talent
huge love all over the world. Here’s everything you need to know about her. Who
Gina Holden? The stunning brunette actress was born in Smithers, a small town.
in Canada March 17, 1975

Realizing quite early on that she has everything it takes to become a Hollywood star; Gina
earned most of her family’s constant relocations by joining the community
a group at every turn so that it can act. At this time, she also planned
make the most of her funds, especially her slender physique, by starting
modeling career. This prompted her to leave home for Japan at the age of 15.
after signing a model contract. In a new place, Gina fell in love with
culture and united her as if she had lived there all her life … For some
time, it seemed like she was born just for modeling as she fit well,
adorn the covers of many magazines.

However, her modeling prowess could not ease her desire to act.
Fortunately, in the end she decided to respond to this desire by coming to the North.
America will join acting and Japanese. Beautiful actress
After all, her acting career debuted in 2002 with several nominal restrictions. Gina
got her pivotal role when she was played in the TV series Flash Gordon, in which she
portrayed by Dale Arden. The character has become one of the films that have
embraced her unique acting ability and stimulated her career in
the center of attention. Shortly after the character, she played the role of Corinne Fennell.
in Blood Ties.

She also actively acted as Shea Allen in the CBS thriller.
Harper Island … Gina continued to gain attention as a guest on The CW.
TV series Life is Unexpected, and although her role was short, she certainly delivered
outstanding performance. Another incredible TV show Gina starred in
has established itself as L Word, The Dead Zone, Supernatural, Teen Wolf and A
A female nightmare among many others.

She’s not married yet, but she has a longtime beau named James.

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