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In 2005, when Sky Days had no money, she fell into a credit card scheme.
desperate, and she was caught. This incident came back to haunt her later
when she got to her feet again. The court indicted her, and
she was sentenced to a year and was also ordered to stay in Arizona for

She was born on September 19, 1983 in Harlem, New York, USA. … She gave
gave birth to two sons when she was, but gave the children up for adoption, because
she felt it was the right thing to do.

She joined the second season of Black Ink Crew. In the show she got
reunited with her sons Den and Genesis. But Genesis shared his impressions of
why his mother left them after six years of upbringing. He said he never will
forget how his mother got out of him. But in the end she reconnected to
her sons, and it was reported that her relationship with her sons was difficult
patch, and this led to her being suspended from the show. She also serves
tattoo parlor registrar.

In 2015, Sky Days left Arizona to relocate to Atlanta, but this was a violation
her parole and two U.S. marshals came to her home to take her back to Arizona
and she was ordered to go to jail when she left the state. It was over
was serving 2 months in prison, and at that time her boyfriend did not visit her in
prison … The Black Ink Crew was very supportive when she was imprisoned and
Teddy Cesar and Dutchess were by her side.

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