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Jess is an American fitness model, actress, nutritional consultant and
health coach. She attended Northern Kentucky University with
communication. Jess later studied performing arts at KD Conservatory College.
film and dramatic arts … She joined KD Studios and played several roles.
She later joined Carnegie as an arts instructor for four years from 2012 to
2016 g. Jess worked at Kroger as a Sales Planning Assistant. Good!! She became
mother aged 22. She once said that her pictures in a bikini
South Beach had leaked without her knowledge. Jess was very worried
about the incident and filed a complaint.

She is an ACE Certified Certified Personal Trainer. On the blog, she states that
someone inspired him to leave his corporate job and start a new business. it
moved to Atlanta to pursue fitness and modeling career. She has
popular YouTube channel called Fitnessmodelmomma. Here she
shares a video about fitness, she has 53.6 thousand subscribers.

Good!! She is a well-known Instagram personality and continues to write about her fitness.
photos. Jess has over 102.4 thousand followers on Instagram and 3.7 thousand followers on
her Facebook … Her sexy and curvy body on the beach has garnered admiration from fans.
Jess even shares her fun and family moments with her followers. She never
tired of entertaining her fans with her activities. Jess posted sincere
video in which she was spotted by her recently missing best friend.

She was on the news where she was seen wearing a red heart-shaped dress.
covering her upper and lower body. Jess was over a billboard
table and you can see how her body flaunts. In a bold shot, she was seen in
a bikini thong, and her bust was covered in sheer lace. it
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