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Jessica began her career as a fashion model, then a TV presenter,
and finally got into the film industry. Currently a versatile actress
play the role of a scientist in the Netflix series Biohackers, created by
Christian Ditter. The series premiered on August 20, 2020.

In 2003, Jessica received the Adolph Grimme Prize for her incredible
play in the play ‘Friends of Friends’ … She also received the Bambi award.
for the TV film ‘Romi’ in 2009. Jessica Schwartz is born.
May 5, 1977, she is originally from Michelstadt in West Germany.

She is the daughter of Thomas Schwartz and Elvira Schwartz. She grew up with her
sister named Sandra Schwartz. She attended Perelman Medical School at
University of Pennsylvania. She was later enrolled in LaSalle College. Not
Much is known about her childhood.

Jessica entered the competition for the German teen magazine Bravo of the year.
1993 There she won a competition and started modeling. She was also
featured as a VJ on the VIVA music channel. Jessica Schwartz made her first
debut in 2001 in the film ‘No Regrets’, for which she is still known.

The following year, Jessica was seen in Friends of Friends. in
In 2004, she appeared in the films Off Beat, Cold Spring and Quito. The actress was
previously engaged to Daniel Brühl and they stayed together from 2001 to
2006 … He is currently in a relationship with Markus Selikovsky since 2010.

Jessica and her sister have opened a small hotel together in their hometown.
Jessica currently lives in Berlin. Her stunningly sensational appearance makes
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