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A true opponent always finds another way to compete, and for
Josie Hamming. After quitting her softball career, she shifted her focus
in CrossFit and has been competing ever since.

Josie’s love for CrossFit was accidental. It started out as an improvement
her softball training, but it soon became her passion. The switch is paid
off When she was only 18 years old, she got into the first team in
Regional … After several years of team competition, she eventually continued to compete.
as a person. January 2019 at Wodapolooza in the RX women’s collection.
division, she took 8th place out of 20. And in March 2019, when CrossFit
It so happened that she hit the top 50 women in the world. It’s cute

To prepare for this tough competition and tough training, Josie must get
itself in the zone. She gives herself positive self-talk to put on the brakes.
on her anxiety and nerves and with full energy to meet any challenges. Of
Of course, music is part of any good workout. Josie listens to everything from
Celine Dion to Eminem to survive.

One thing Josie has known over the years is that everyone has an opinion about you.
and sometimes they will feel the need to share it. With her 100k followers
Instagram, it’s hard not to come across all these opinions; But everyone has
another way. You can’t please everyone … Make your way, take risks, do
your own mistakes, learn from them and move on.

What advice does she give to those looking to get into CrossFit for her answer? it
CrossFit answers is designed for everyone – your age, weight, athletic ability, or
everything else is irrelevant. All you have to do is leave doubts
behind you and jump straight!

Her stunningly sensational looks make Josie Hamming sensationally successful.
a celebrity in addition to her stunningly showy sexuality. Josie
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