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Former Norwegian Christina Vukichevich Demidov represented skiing.
IL, and also broke her personal records several times and participated in several

She was born on June 18, 1987 in the municipality of Lorenskog, Norway. Her
parents Turid Siftestad and Petar Vukicevic … Coached by her father
who took part in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Yugoslavia.

She began her career with the European Youth Summer Gold Medal.
2003 Olympics and this was her first international medal. She finished fifth in
world championship among juniors in 2004, and also won a silver medal
2005 European Junior Championships. In the summer of that year, she had to take
long break due to knee injury and next surgery. She won
silver medal at the World Junior Championships in 2006, and in 2007
her adult debut at the World Championships. She was Norwegian
champion since 2004. She dropped her personal best time at the 2008 Olympics.
Games, as well as at the international meeting in Dusseldorf 2008.
meters with obstacles.

She won the gold medal at the 2009 European Indoor Championships and
competed at the 2009 World Athletics Championships but failed to reach
heights and dropped out in the semifinals … She missed a spot in the finals
at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in 2010 and won bronze in the same year.
at the European Team Championship, and also took 4th place at the 2010 European Championship.
Athletics. Championship. She set the national record in the 60 meter hurdles.
with a time of 7.92 seconds in 2011. The following year it was reported that
she trained with the controversial doctor Srdjan Djordjevic … In 2016 she
announced her retirement from professional sports.

She married Norwegian footballer Vadim Demidov, with whom she has

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