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She is an American fitness trainer. Crystal was born on October 15 in g.
1987 in Missoula, United States of America. She was
was born at 32 years old today. Good!! She became popular thanks to
a show called ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. From this show she got engaged to another
contestant Chris Randon. They were part of the fifth season finale.
Summer spin-off of ABC show held in 2018 … They tied the knot in the year
2019 and after eight months of living together on Valentine’s Day, they
announced that they were mutually separate. Chris repeatedly says that he
misses his wife while watching the Bachelor finale.

Wow!! She is a well-known Instagram personality and continues to write about her fitness.
rollers. Crystal has over 596 thousand followers on Instagram and 22.6 thousand.
followers through her Twitter account. Her sexy and curvy body delights
her fans. She advises her fans to do body exercises correctly,
and focus on good quality food and never skip it. Her live drake booty workout
many followed. She also answered the questions they asked. it
explained how to maintain proper body weight.

She also provided assistance to her fans by asking them to ask questions about how
be healthy. Many people love her motivational posts too … Krystal asks her
fans to properly mediate and detoxify the body. She also mentions this stress
can lead to serious problems. Krystal is a complete family man, and when she
My niece recovered, she asked everyone to pray for her. She also has two pretty
puppies. Krystal focuses on the fat burning elixir recipe and asks everyone
eating fresh green vegetables. She does squats daily to keep from losing fat.

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