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Luna Sofia Vedler is a young and beautiful Swiss actress. Good!! Luna Vedler
came to the spotlight thanks to her extraordinary performance in Blue My Mind in
year 2017 … 21-year-old blonde beauty is introduced as European shooter
star at the 368th Berlinale International Film Festival in 2018.

Luna Vedler is currently playing the main character in the new
A Netflix story called Biohackers, which premiered on August 20 this year.
2020. She starred in the romantic musical The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.
world, for which she won the 2018 Gunther Rohrbach Film Award.

Luna Wedler was born on October 1, 1999 in Zurich, Switzerland.
She does not divulge much information about her parents and childhood.
This young girl made her debut in Amateur Teenagers by
Niklaus Hilber in 2015 when she was fourteen.

She began to act reluctantly at first, but soon discovered her passion.
for acting and modeling. Subsequently, she got several roles in films and
television industry … Swiss girl enrolled in European Film
Acting School in Zurich from 2016 to October 2018.

Luna Vedler landed her first lead role in the Swiss horror film Blue My Mind.
by Lisa Bruhlmann. She won the Swiss Film Award for Best Actress.
The film tells the story of a 15-year-old girl transforming into a mermaid. She appeared
in one of the episodes of the television series The Undertaker in 2016.

In the same year, Luna Vedler starred in the television movie Lina. She appeared
in the Swiss comedy film Speedster in 2017. This young actress
won the New Faces Award for Best Young Actress
incredible performance in the most beautiful girl in the world with a guy
actor Aaron Hilmer.

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