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Melissa Benoit was born on October 4, 1988. Melissa Benoit is American.
actress and star of the CBS / CW TV series named Supergirl. Melissa Benoit’s game
credits – Whiplash, Longest Ride, and the fox series Glee. Melissa
Benoit was born to Jim and Julie. Melissa Benoit has two sisters
named Christina and Jessica … Melissa Benoit attended Arapaho High School and,
later – Marymount-Manhattan College in New York. Melissa Benoit graduated
Bachelor of Arts in 2011. Melissa Benoit did
her professional stage debut in a production of the 2000 musical
The sound of music. Melissa Benoit also played Rosalind in Shakespeare like you.
I like it in 2009, and Mille Dilmount in her music is completely modern
Milli. Melissa Benoit is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Melissa Benoit is German
English, Scottish and French.

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