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Raquel Natasha, Guyano-Canadian blogger, was born in Georgetown, Guyana,
17 August 1987 … She is known for her eponymous blog in which she
covers a wide variety of topics from fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.

She began posting on her blog in early 2014, although some of
her earliest messages have since disappeared.

Her blog won the Bloglovin Award in the Indie Fashion category. Natasha
currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She also worked
commercial model and has participated in advertising campaigns with singer Jesse Malay. it
has a large number of followers on social media with over 180k subscribers in
Instagram, 3.5 thousand subscribers on Twitter and 3.3 thousand subscribers on Facebook … Squeegee
is promoted in several brands through its social media accounts, including
Pantene, Lulus, Volition Beauty, Olay, House of Harlow, Azaggi Jewelry, Four
The Seasons, Pretty Little Thing, Guess and more.

The writer knew about her blog of the same name, which covers a variety of topics:
fashion and beauty for lifestyle and travel.

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