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She is a prominent Australian entrepreneur and reality TV star. Good!! It
Founder, owner and creative director of a multidimensional fashion agency.
called Fashion Palette. The company was founded in 2009. Her agency
focused on innovative and creative fashion and accessories. They provide
unique runway capabilities. She also opened an office in New York.
Her friendly and down-to-earth nature helped her create a soulful
relationships with designers, consumers and suppliers around the world … it
presented a number of designers, including Tony Matichevski, Akira, Mimco,
Samata Wills and many others.

Good!! She was in the news after her engagement with reality TV HadilFaiza
show My Kitchen Rules (MKR) in 2018. She criticized the creators for
write scripts and portray them as villains. On the other hand, the creators
claimed that they were dumped because they were seen bullying other participants.
Sonya also stated that due to the misconduct of the creators of the show
decrease in its importance. She stated that judges Manu Fildel and Peter
Evans was upset when these pairs of women left the show. it’s the same
it was rumored that she was dating Ibbie Mubadder, who was also a contestant

Sonya has inspired a new generation with her successful career. She was born
in Jordan in 1985 and grew up in Australia. She received her bachelor’s degree
Arts in Visual Communication and joined a marketing firm … Good!! It
is a famous person on Instagram and continues to upload her fitness photos. She has
her Instagram has more than 30.1 thousand subscribers. Her sexy and curvy body delights
her fans after she uploaded a stunning bikini shot. This 34 year old
the celebrity has kindly flaunted her body. Sony’s net worth is about $ 1.

Her stunningly sensational looks make Sonia Mefaddi sensually successful.
a celebrity in addition to her incredibly showy sexuality. Sonya
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