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The X-23 is part of the Weapon X program, created from damaged parts.
Wolverine DNA. She could imitate Wolverine, so she was sent to kill
him. However, she joined their army instead. She appeared on the TV series
X-23. She first appeared in X-Men: Evolution. … She is also known by her name
Laura Kinney. Wolverine later adopted her. She was considered perfect
killer car.

Writer Craig Kyle Created X-23 for X-Men: Evolution
in 2003, before debuting in NYX comics in 2004.
a string of tragedies eventually led her to her biological father, Wolverine,
and the X-Men. X-23 attended school at X-Mansion and also became a member
X-Force. It was later revealed that she is not a clone, but a biological
daughter of Wolverine. Like her father, Laura or X-23 has regenerative
healing factor and improved senses, fast speed and quick reflexes. She also
She has retractable metal-coated bone claws in her arms and legs. In year
In 2015, the character X-23 took over from Wolverine in adopting a name and costume.
Wolverines in the TV series All-New Wolverine. Various stories unfold around
her. It was said somewhere that she also worked as a prostitute or some
time. She also worked in a nightclub in the City of Mutants. … She also happens
team up with Spider-Man on some quest.

They also travel to Savage Isle, where they defeat Hauk’ku. She also became
host of Uni-Power. But later breaks up with them after a quarrel.
During her life, she takes part in several quests. This is a quest for magic
where she meets Belasco. X-23 also fights against the Hulk, with others
students. After several events, such as the Messiah Complex, she is assigned to
work with X-Force.

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