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Wolke Hegenbarth was born on May 6, 1980 in Meerbusch, North Rhine.
West Falia. Wolke Hegenbart is a German actress best known for a comedy called
Mein Leben & Ich.

Wolke Hegenbart was also known to the illustrator Hannes Hegan and
artist Joseph Hegenbart. Volke Hegenbart started her career in 1995 as
famous German sitcom Die Camper … Volke Hegenbart created her acting career,
but then she thought about becoming a make-up artist. Volke Hegenbart saw
in Die Camper. Volke Hegenbart has played many roles in various dramas. Wolke
Hegenbart received an offer to play Mein Leben & ICh, where she was
an individual teenager struggling in a world of weird teenagers. Wolke
Hegenbart, she received the German Comedy Award for her role in Mein Leben & Ich.

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