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Ukrainian high jumper Yulia Levchenko is very famous for her
participated in several championships, she is a gold medalist of the youth Olympiad.
Games, and she is the brightest young talent in the sport.

She was born on November 28, 1997 in the city of Artemovsk, Ukraine.

She started her high jump career when she was in high school and caught her eye
trainer, her school physical education teacher, and she began to exercise regularly
and hit athletics. She made her international debut in
2013, participating in the World Youth Championship but lost
First try.

Her natural abilities were demonstrated to the world when she won the gold medal in
2014 Youth Olympic Games and this victory confirmed her desire
career in sports … After that, she began to engage in high jumping, and her
rapid progress and big improvements in her PB growth made her special
talent in sports. She made a breakthrough by winning a bronze medal in
world championship in athletics under 20 in 2016 made her debut at
That year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Before she turned 20, she approached
participate in adult competitions in 2017.

She achieved her incredible achievement when she won bronze in the European Indoor Tournament.
Championship and finished it with the silver medal of the IAAF World Championship.
In London. Although she is still in the youth category, she has already jumped.
against adults who may be 30 years old. She also became a European under 23 player.
Champion. She finished second in the world for the 2017 season. … EA named
Rising Star of the Year in Athletics in Europe in 2017.

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