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American personality who was also a comedian, writer and
is mostly known for his role in the YouTube movie My Drunken Kitchen.
Hannah Hart … She was born on November 2, 1986 in Palo Alto, California, USA.
She graduated from Burlingame High School.

She moved to Brooklyn, New York to pursue a writing career and graduated
Proofreader for Japanese and English for translation in Manhattan
firm. In 2011, she uploaded a video titled My Drunk Kitchen to the homepage.
Channel on YouTube and it was an instant hit.

Every Thursday is a weekly episode where she prepares food,
in a state of alcoholic intoxication. On her show, she has invited several celebrities such as Chris.
Hardwicke, Tyler Oakley, Mary-Louise Parker and many others. On her second
channel, she uploads video blogs, travel and cuisine, and the show is called, Hello
Harto: Tour Show.

When the show received several negative reviews for this reason, she explained that
work on her channel. Later, she began to post more episodes of her trip.
shows in Australia and New Zealand … In 2013 she appeared in a comedy show.
with my best friend. In 2013, she co-produced and starred in a comedy film.
Camp Takota.

The film was released for download digitally on the film’s website and on Netflix.
raised the movie for streaming on its platform in 2014. Hart released her first
Parody Cookbook ‘My Drunken Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Care’
Your Gut and it made the New York Times # 6 bestseller list.

Her memoir Buffering: A Fully Loaded Life Without Sharing was published in
2016. She voiced herself in the animated series Bee and PuppyCat in 2014.
In 2016, she became a Guest Judge for Food Network Star 12th season. IN
In 2019, she announced that she would be hosting a new show. Decent offer.

In the same year, she also began a Buzzfeed Tasty video series called Edible History.
2018 got engaged to her longtime girlfriend Ella Melnichenko. … Hart
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