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Deborah Jane Trimmer was a renowned Scottish theater, television and film actress.
actress. Good!! She has been nominated six times for Academy Awards and in
1994 for Outstanding Contribution. She received a Golden Globe Award for
the role of Anna Leonovens in the musical film The King and Me.
Directed by Walter Lang and produced by Charles Brackett. … In year
1994, received honorary awards from the Cannes Film Festival and
British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

She married Squadron Commander Anthony Bartley on November 29 in
1945 year. They had two daughters: Meline Jane and Francesca Ann. it
His husband spoke of her success and she usually stayed away from her home.
They divorced in 1959. Famous actor Stuart Granger stated in
her autobiography that she approached him romantically in a chauffeur-
drove the car during the association with Caesar and Cleopatra. While
he was married to actress Elspeth March, but they still had an affair. Deborah
declared his charmingly considerate personality. She later married the author.
Peter Viertel July 23, 1960.

She was born on September 30, 1921 in the UK.
Deborah was educated at the independent Northumberland House School and
Rossholm school. She was an accomplished ballet dancer and performed on stage in
Sadler Wells in 1938 … Her first acting teacher was an aunt who
worked in a theater school. Her first stage appearance was at Weston-super-mare.
for pantomime Harlequin and Columbine. Deborah’s first film was
Smuggled out in 1940. She was appointed Commander of the British Order.
Empire in 1998, but it could not come to terms with it for the sake of its health. Aged
86, she died in the village of Botesdale.

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