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Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery was an American actress. Good!! Her game
a career spanning over five decades. She was remembered for the role
Samantha Stevens in a television series called Bewitched. It was an American
sitcom fantasy tv series … She earned five Primetime for her notable contributions
Emmy and four Golden Globe nominations. In 1998 she put up for auction and
sold her family’s clothes to AIDS Healthcare
Fund. A bronze statue of her heroine Samantha Stevens was installed in
Salem city. In 2008, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk.

She was born on April 15, 1993 in Los Angeles.
United States of America. Eli attended Westlake Girls’ School, Spence
Girls and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She debuted through her
father’s television series Robert Montgomery Presents. Her Broadway debut in
Late Love won The Theater World Award. Some of her popular works include
The Twilight Zone, The Eleventh Hour, Johnny Cool, Love Letters, Batman: The
Animated series and more … Her last TV series was a deadline
Murder: From the Dossier of Edna Buchanan in 1995.

In 1954, she married socialite Fredrik Gallatin Kammann, and they got
divorced within a year. From 1956 to 1963 she was married to an actor.
Gig Young. In 1963, she married director and producer William Usher.
She lived with him until 1973. The couple had three children. She was in
relationship with director Richard Michaels while working on television
series Bewitched. They broke off the marriage and began to stay together. This
the relationship lasted two and a half years. She married actor Robert
Foxworth in 1993, having been with him for almost 20 years and remained with
until his death in 1995. She died of colon cancer.

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