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American actress best known for her role as Annie January /
Starlight in the original Amazon Prime Video series, Boys and Claire
McCune in Captain Fantastic is none other than Erin Moriarty. it
Born June 24, 1994 in New York, New York, USA. … She started
played at the age of 11 when she participated in the production of the Community Theater
Annie get your pistol in which she played Annie in 2005.

She began her acting career professionally and first appeared on television.
screen in 2010 with the television series One Life to Live in the role
Whitney Bennett. The following year, she appeared as Drew in Law & Order:
Special department for victims. She had the role of Natalie Walraven in Red Widow.
2013. She became famous after her role as Audrey Hart in
the series ‘True Detective’ in 2014. She starred Nadezhda Schlottman in
TV series Jessica Jones in 2015.

She rose to fame for her role as Annie Jan / Starlight in Amazon.
The original Prime Boys series, which she has been working on since 2019.
her big screen debut in 2012 with the movie The Watch, in which she played
the role of Chelsea McAllister. In 2014, she starred in the film After Dark.
like Vivian … She also played the role of Lydia Link in the movie Bloody Father.
2016, and several critics praised her work in

She also gained notoriety and was nominated for several awards for her work as
Claire McCune in Captain Fantastic in 2016. She starred in a cameo role.
Appearance in the film Kong: Skull Season in 2017. She also got the role of Marie
River in The Fakir’s Extraordinary Journey in 2018.
she also starred in the movie Driven and can also be seen in the role
Alexis Dawson at Monster Party. She hasn’t received any awards yet, but she was
nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award, IGN Award and more.

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