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In 1991, the police broke into Laura Antonelli’s home and found cocaine. She had
was convicted of possession and trade. She was also sentenced to domestic
was arrested and she spent 10 years appealing the sentence, but in the end
overturned. In 2006, the Italian Court of Appeal ruled in Antonelli’s favor.
and she was ordered to pay 108 thousand euros.

She was born on November 28, 1941 in Pula, Italy. … Her parents fled to
Yugoslavia after the war lived in Italian refugee camps, and then they
settled in Naples. When she was a teenager, she became interested in mathematics.
but then she became a master of gymnastics. She finished her studies as
gymnastics instructor and started working at a comprehensive school
a teacher where she was able to meet people from the entertainment industry.

She first appeared in an Italian advertisement for Coca-Cola. In 1965 she
first appeared in the feature film Le sedicenni, but her name remains
not listed in credits. She made her American debut in 1966 with the film Doctor Goldfoot.
and Maiden bombs. Her breakthrough came after her appearance in Malicia in 1973.
In 1974, she landed the lead role in the film Simone.
the role of Juliana Hermil in the film ‘Innocents’. She was thrown in
The role of Maryana in the movie ‘Whipping Vacca’ in 1982. In 1986, she played the role
Angela in the film The Venetian. She also starred in a movie
Rimini Rimini, in which she played the role of Nice Bove … In 1989 she might be
is seen as Frosina in the film L’avaro. Her last film was Malicia.
2000, in which she played the role of Angela in 1991.

She was previously married to Enrico Piacentini. Later in 1972 she received
married to Jean-Paul Belmondo, but they also divorced in 1980.

She won the Golden Globe Award, Golden Cup, Silver Ribbon,

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