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Italian Internet personality, business woman, fashion designer Marcia
Kjellberg is very famous for her now inactive YouTube channel, Marcia and
Apart from this, she also ventured into design, business and writing. ‘

She was born on October 21, 1992 in Arzignano, Italy. … She created her own YouTube
the CutiePieMarzia channel in 2012 and she uploaded a video about beauty,
fashion, movies, catch, makeup, books, diy and video games. Her channel was
the most subscribed Italian channel. She is signed to Maker Studios.

The platform and its channel were among the most popular in beauty and
makeup genre. She appeared several times on the PewDiePie channel. IN
In 2014, they were part of the online horror film marketing campaign How
Above means below. She also promoted the television series Selfie.

In 2018, she announced her retirement from YouTube. But she
voiced several animated web series such as Oscar’s Hotel for
Fabulous creatures and purgatory. She started to create her own clothes.
and since 2015 has launched several fashion lines and created designs

In 2016, she launched a line of nail polishes with Zoya. … In 2018 launched
the Mai brand of jewelry, home decor and ceramics, handcrafted by Marzia.
her pottery workshop in the UK. In 2015, she published a young adult horror film.
novel, Drea, House: Roman CutiePieMarzia.

She started dating Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, and they got
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