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the first Miss Oilmpia title winner and one of the best in bodybuilding.
recognizable personalities are none other than Rachel McLeish. She was born
June 21, 1955 in Harlingen, Texas, USA. Her parents are Raphael and
Raquel Elizondo.

She is of Mexican descent. She attended Harlingen High School and she
was a cheerleader there. Graduated from the University of St.
Texas is Pan American with degrees in health, physiology, and nutrition.

She worked in a health club and after graduation with her
the health club manager founded the Sports Palace Association. After success
of her association, she opened two more properties in Brownsville and the Hull.

Lisa Lyon inspired her to pursue female bodybuilding and she decided to compete.
since the opening of her new health club will coincide with the women’s
bodybuilding competition … In 1980, she participated in the first event in the United States.
Championship and won it. In the same year, she beat Obi Polik and won
the first IFBB contest ‘Miss Olympia’ of the year.

She was then sponsored by Dynamics Health Equipment Manufacturing Corporation.
and these breakthrough victories brought media attention to
her. In 1981, she lost the Miss Olympia title because her physique did not meet the definition.
as usual, but in 1982 she regained the Miss Olympia title by defeating Karla.

She lost to Dunlap in the 1983 Caesar World Cup competition. In 1984 she
took second place in the IFBB ‘Miss Olympia’ competition and after that
retired from bodybuilding competition. In 1985 she was featured
in the documentary Pumping Iron 2: Women, and she also starred in The Raven.
Hawk, Physical, Aces: Iron Eagle III, etc.

She has written two books on strength training for women, Rachel’s Flex Appeal.
and perfect details. In 1979 she married John P … … McLeish, but later they
divorced. In 1990, she married film producer Ron Samuels.