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for appearances such as Kahlan Amnell on the TV series Legend of the
The Seeker, Rebecca Lowe / Rachel Turner in white collar, Solano Jane Rose
Lady Dottie and Underwood in Agent Carter. She was also portrayed by Sasha.
Cooper in the TNT drama series The Last Ship from 2016.

She has been married to Eamon O’Sullivan since 2010. Bridget met Eamon, who
writer in New Zealand while filming Legend of the Seeker. Born on February 3,
1982, Bridget – 36 years old since 2018. Regan since 2006, has appeared in various
TV series and films. She began acting in the TV show Legend of the Seeker.
based on the TV series ‘The Sword of Truth’ by Terry Goodkind, 2008

She played the role of Confessing Mother Kahlan Amnell, which earned him an award.
cult. Regan dyed her hair dark brown and black, and sometimes chemically.
straightened like the Legend of the Seeker, although her natural hair is red and
curly … In 2012, Regan starred in the television series Proposed

Regan played a supporting role in the fifth season of White’s crime drama.
Collar USA Network in 2013 as Rebecca Lowe / Rachel Turner, Love Short
interest of Neil Caffrey. She also joined the Beauty & the Beast series on
an arc of several episodes as Alex, Vincent Keller’s ex-fiancee (Jay
Ryan) that same year.

In 2014, Regan played a recurring role in Lady Jane, as did Rose.
former lawyer and later brain criminal involved in a love story
same sex is tricky. From 2009 to 2013, Regan is popular with comics.
community, was chosen among often comic book fans and critics as their
the best choice for representing Wonder Woman.

She received more than 62 percent of the vote, well ahead of the well-known
actresses and lesser known … Regan was added to the distribution in 2016
Drama TNT The last boat of the third season of the series, where she played
the role of Sasha Cooper, a current diplomat in Asia and a former naval officer