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for her role as Sarah Hills on EastEnders, Margaret Hale in
execution period North and South. She was born on 9 August 1978 in London,
United Kingdom.

Denby-Ash started calling back in 1992 and for those long 25 years.
years of work, she won everything. She worked on television.
shows and movies and much more, it was created to

She appeared as Jackie in Desmond’s Back in 1992 and her introduction
The group worshiped work vigorously. She began to think about
an expressive move at the age of two and a knock at a later stage; from the time of
From 10 am to 4 pm, she attended a couple of stage schools, including Corona Academy.

She appeared in various television series as a child on the screen, which by then
sensation teenagers like Kevin & Co., just like
Channel 4 Desmond’s comedy series … In 2000, she was promoted to Janey.
Harper on the BBC sitcom My Family.

Daniela took part in Joanne Jameson in a TV game called Kevin.
and Co. that year, and this activity gave her wings and new
opportunities. She accepted the activity of Yulia Lyubas in the television plan of the game.
named Silent Witness in 2016 and this can be considered her best
occupation so far.

She took on the role of Margaret, Hale’s hero in the North and South. Margaret
can dress in the most fashionable models and communicate with famous people. It could be
in any case, Margaret finds it fascinating for a superficial person.
her life is pretty boring. Her most important essence is to help her
perhaps Edith’s worthless cousin to live the most pleasant life possible.