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cerebrums, Zhao is a screen character, artist, leader, creator and model.
In addition to flamboyant shots in productive films, she also fired several
expensive underwriting manages brands such as Versace, Dior, Mercedes-Benz,
Motorola and so on.

Because of her brilliant choice of speculation, Zhao is known as the “Chinese
moderate business – Buffett. ‘ She was also named one of the world
The richest on-screen characters according to Forbes. In 2014, she invested resources in
Alibaba Pictures Group, which brought her large amounts of up to
finish in 2016.

As an artist, she achieved recognition by appearing on television in 1998.
arrangement of ‘My Fair Princess’ where she took over the work of Xiao Yanzi. IN
the misunderstanding turned into an instant hit, making Zhao a genius for a while
being … She even turned into the youngest on-screen character to win
Brilliant Eagle Award for Best Actress.

Arrived at Zhao Jiahai and Wei Qiying on March 12, 1976, Zhao was raised in
rocky territory of Anhui in China. She grew up next to her more experienced
Zhao Jian’s brother. Her father worked as a specialist, and her mother was a specialist.
cool teacher. Zhao Wei studied at the Wuhu Teachers’ Training School and later developed into
apprentice mentor in preschool.

She never wanted to search after a walk, as she did not find it delicious
enough to make a profession in show business, but at 17 in
after appearing in a Chinese film as an extra, she was caught up in the acting
mistake. At that moment, she quit her job and chose herself.
at the Xie Jin Academy of Motion Picture Arts in Shanghai.

The institute founded by the incredible leader Xie Jin … In 1996 she left
to Beijing, where she performed well overall and was perhaps the most brilliant
understudy in the fund.