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Anne Floyd Frances was an American actress. Good!! She is known to her
sci-fi movie called Forbidden Planet and it was released in the year
1965. She starred in the crime television series Honey West, as well as in it.
attracted a lot of attention. Ann played the role of a private detective.
Sweet West … She also received a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award for this.
character. Born September 16, 1930. … Aged
for five years she worked as a model to support her family. Anne at eight years old
debuted on Broadway.

She married United States Air Force pilot Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr.
in 1952 and then divorced him in April 1955. She later remarried.
Robert Abeloff in 1960 and they had a daughter named Jane Elizabeth.
Abeloff. They separated in 1964 and have never married since.
She later adopted Margaret Maggie West. She also learned to fly towards the end
career and received a pilot’s license. Ann was a Democrat and saw
supporting Adlai Stevenson’s 1952 presidential election.

In 1982 she published an autobiography entitled Voices from Home.
subtitled as Ann Inner Journey. She wrote in a book about her spiritual
expose, the inner workings of the mind and spirit, and how it contributes
man’s height … In 2005, she was ranked 18th out of 50.
The sexiest stars of all time, according to the TV guide. She made her debut in 1947.
with the romantic musical film ‘It’s Time for Fortresses’. Ann had blonde hair
bright blue eyes and a small mole right on her lower lip. She died on
January 2, 2011 due to pancreatic cancer.

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