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and a photographer. She gained recognition after she appeared as
contender for the American TV show The Voice without a script.

Melanie Adele Martinez was born on April 28, 1995 in Astoria, Queens, in
intelligent gatekeepers of the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. After turning
For the fourth time, she settled with her people in Baldwin, New York. As a child, she
usually watched Shakira, Britney Spears, The Beatles, Biggie Smalls,
and Christina Aguilera on the radio.

She has a phenomenal vocal range, so she decided to take a closer look at
music during her school years. She was known for being astounding
energetic young man. Her comrades called her an imp when she
usually cried when overwhelmed. Amazingly, she named her performance
Cry Baby assortment for progress.

She later went to Baldwin High School and was constantly addicted to
music following the entrance to her youth … She learned to play
guitar and won the Baldwin High School Vocal Competition.

In 2012, she participated in the MSG Varsity Talent Show and was there then.
junior year of additional education. She went through the first round but was cleared
came out in the second round. In any case, she took the experience persistently.

She later went to an American TV Singing Show for the third time without a script.
The voice that was then chosen by Blake Shelton, Adam Lavigne, Si Luo Green,
and Christina Aguilera. She sang Britney Spear’s Toxic in the qualifying round.
and got three-seater refuseniks Blake, Adam and Si Lo.

However, she happily chose Adam as her coach and continued to move forward.
Combat rounds … At sixteen, she amazingly half-shaded her hair.
light and midfielder after watching movie 101 Dalmatia watch
as the character of Cruella De Ville, who became a true example after
she appeared on the Voice.

In 2015, she teamed up with the Lime Crime restoration association to
post two taboo lipstick things. The blue shade is called Cry Baby.
and a gritty camouflage lipstick called Teddy Bear.