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best known for uploading fitness videos to her channel Lena The Plug. Be
a common example of a bad girl who society loves to hate, she is recognized
for showing off a bold image to your audience.

The American Health Obsessed Woman makes the best use of her body to
subscribers in the social network. Lena was born on June 1, 1991 in g.
California, USA. She grew up in a conservative family where even a boy
Meets World ‘was considered too rude.

She attended the University of California. On her Facebook page, she has
spoke about the time she devoted to her studies in Sweden and working with
children with autism … Lena, whose definition of a YouTube channel reads: Come for
booty, ‘Stay for my irresistible charm,’ is a highly controversial personality.

While cautious minds dislike her audacity, millions of others
people adore and appreciate her for her straightforwardness.
Now Lena lives the life she always dreamed of, putting it aside.
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She is not worried about what society thinks of her, and this is what she does
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Lena Nersesyan created a channel called Lena The Plug back in 2016.
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Her channel, which currently has over 120 videos, is marked by bold and interesting
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Currently, the American youtuber is in a relationship with the famous BMX cyclist.
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