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her channel produces documentaries and comedy video series. She has
was one of the most popular channels due to the variety of video variations
he was also listed on the New Media Rockstars list, ranking 72nd among the best
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Her YouTube channel was a place to show her director’s short films, she
tried to work on the production of several short films. She directed 6 short films
films and gained a large audience on its channel. Anna worked on
a series of short films, and also created short films, it was her channel
was the best platform to reveal her talent and create a place for the audience.
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Youth and aftermath were her productions; Akana has been spotted leading
role in the web series. Web series are one of the most popular platforms, so
he has helped many qualified people to work and show their talent without
many listening or selection possibilities for any TV show or movie. Same
the strategy worked for Anna, worked on a web series and came out on Red
YouTube. She also teaches a crash course on the web series Soul Pancake.
another great documentary she made in 2019, a 30 minute YouTube video.
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A regular YouTuber, she is an actress who has worked on TV shows.
Awkwardly also worked on a music video in 2011. In 2015 she was
starred in the films Ant-Man Vs Monsters, and her next appearance was in 2016 in
Indie Comedy Hello, My Name Is Doris, Dirty 30, Comedy Movie and Star Wars Fan
film. Her reason for working on comedy series was related to her sister, who
committed suicide, she also uploaded the video ‘Please don’t kill’ to YouTube
Herself, in which she describes the deteriorating situation in the family.
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