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but her first opportunity in Hollywood films. Entering the industry
she worked for popular brands in commercials, later she was seen in one of the
episodes of Growth Illness 1987. Her career began with a series of lows
profile and minor roles, but introductory to serials and films.
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Her main role was in the 1988 film ‘License to Drive,’ where she played Corey Haim.
It was one of her best films, in which she received the Young Artist Award.
nomination. In the same year, she starred in the popular film Heathers.
there was a black comedy. After starring in two major films, she got noticed.
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The pharmacy was released in 1989, she starred in the film portrayed
the role of young drug addicts, Nadine. Her appearance on the series was
highly acclaimed and this led to her nomination for Best Support
actress for the Independent Spirit Award. Her next main role was in the dark
comedy I love you to death. In 1991, her acting in the cinema.
Shout was nominated for a Young Artist Award, this time she was nominated for
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After a series of excellent acting and film work, Graham ended up in
search for a wider selection and selection of films … Her unique appearance as
Brandi in the 1997 film Boogie Nights
another identification in the film character, it was her play
contribution to the film. Bowfinger is a comedy released in 1999.
starred opposite Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy. Graham was born on the 29th
January 1970, is popular in the USA as an actress, writer and director.
She is an activist who serves the Children’s International NGO.
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