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is to help the poor and needy people affected by the 2005 tsunami,
including the rebuilding of schools and destroyed houses. The organization has
developed about 176 schools in 10 countries of the world. Her commitment to natural
The disaster happened after she was hit by the tsunami in Thailand. It was in 2004 when
she was in Thailand with her photographer boyfriend, they got stuck in
earthquake and tsunami. Her boyfriend Utley drowned in the tsunami while she
was able to survive holding the palm tree, but she suffered from a broken
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She saw the disaster and was injured, which made her work for those in need.
people. When her career started as a fashion designer, she was looking for the NEXT model.
control … Benetton presented it to various brands and companies,
Bulgari, John Lewis and many others. Having started her modeling career, she
went to work on the 2001 TV series Absolutely Fabulous. In 2001 she was
host of TLC A Model Life, and in 2007 she worked as host of Earth
live. A beautiful Czech model started her career in Milan and slowly created
the opportunity to work in American TV shows. Petra Nemcova Pussy photo May
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Nemtsova was born on June 24, 1979, Czech, blonde, 5 feet 10 inches.
hair, philanthropist, she wrote her autobiography in 2005, it was
after she recovered from the tsunami in Thailand … All money or profit
earned from her published autobiography was donated to the affected areas
Worldwide. Vegetarian, multilingual, she speaks Czech, Slovak,
Polish, French, Italian and English. She was honored with the Survivor award from
Glamor magazine for her contributions to tsunami and earthquake control.
Nemtsova finally married Benjamin Larretch in 2019; they got their
first child, son on November 15. Petra Nemcova’s nipples are perky, large and
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