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third year student of Kuoh Academy High School in grade 3-B. After
Xenovia was introduced for the first time, she showed herself calm, quiet and serious.
demeanor, put mission first and speak only when necessary.

She was also very cold, almost heartless, because she called Asia a witch for
become the devil (although she became reluctant to be with
Issei) and even tried to kill her.

She later threatened to do the same to Kiba when he was technically a Rogue.
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However, after being reborn as the devil, she strikes up a very close relationship.
with Asia touched by her kindness and apologizing for calling her
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Although she is a faithful member of the Church, her convictions are flexible enough to
accept help from the Dragon, such as earning a free lunch and more
fulfill your mission, but survive after that. Xenovia Quarta Pussy
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In combat, Xenovia seems a little aggressive, unyielding and hardly uses her.
head and tries to crush his opponents with pure strength and power
instead of being subtle or using skills … According to Issei, her fights
the style is comparable to that of the rook, despite the fact that she is a knight, referring to her
like a power idiot.

Since Xenovia has been placed in the Church, she wants an overview of life.
normal person, obviously when she brought a box of condoms to school, and
loves to give birth to powerful children and chose Issei as her companion.
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As the series progresses, it is indicated that she has developed a deep
romantic feelings for Issei due to the fact that he is protective of his comrades, even if he
gets hurt while doing this. Xenovia Quart’s nipples are big, firm and
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As a result, she becomes more aggressive in seducing him, which proves that
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Remaining a faithful Christian, Xenovia has become extremely flexible and flexible.
open-minded in her beliefs, as shown when she deeply empathized
The tragedy of Masaomi, and during their second battle, she shed tears over the Masaomi case.
agony despite her calm and serious nature in battle.