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swimming pool less than one minute and who also made a successful career in
The backstroke competition is none other than Simona Baumrtova. She was born
August 24, 1991 in Chomutov, Czechoslovakia. She became a graduate
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University. Simone
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She was originally trained by her father. She achieved her greatest success in
back swimming in short and long courses, participating in several types
including an individual potpourri. She won the bronze medal in the 50m backstroke.
at the 2010 European Short Course Championships. A year later she won again
bronze in the same tournament and set a new record … She became the third in
100 meters backstroke at the European Long Distance Championships and installed a new
recording. She took part in the 2012 Summer Olympics and competed in 100 and
200 meters backstroke and set new national records and finished 10th and
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She broke national records in the short distance of 50 and 100 meters.
also on the back. On account of three bronze medals in three individual competitions on the back.
competitions at the 2012 European Short Course Championships, and there she also won
silver medal in the complex relay 4×50 … She won her first medal in the world
stage of the World Short Course Championship 2012, where she took 3rd place.
100m backstroke and 5th place 50m and 7th place 200m
on the back. She also won the national 100m short distance record.
individual medley. In 2018, she married physiotherapist Christoph.
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