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American glamor and hip-hop model Amazin ‘Amie stated in an interview.
interview stating that she is looking for Brian’s share the most in the industry. She also
said her white issue in Show magazine because it was her only separate
cover and she also works well with Nick Saglimbeni and it was a lot of fun for
her … The model shared that she used to be stocky, and then
unfortunately she went through something dramatic and she also lost a lot
weight. Then she had to go to the gym to gain weight, but she goes to the gym.
5 times per week.

She was born on December 4, 1984 in Newport News, Virginia, USA.
is of German origin. Started a modeling career and first starred
with a local photographer who convinced her to publish her pictures on
modelmayhme.com. After that she went to Patrick Adams and he introduced her
photographs in several magazines, and after that she began to receive offers. She has
has been featured in several publications including Urban Ink, Straight Stuntin,
Blackmen & Blackmen 40/40, Show, Smooth Girl, etc. She has ads
Apple gets into an edition like XXL, and at the same time she was also
featured in video by John Legend, Heaven and Rick Ross’s Yacht Club … it
describes himself as a positive and purposeful person.

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