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skater who is. She also won the gold medal in the 1500m race in 2016.
World Junior Championships in Sofia. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, she won
a bronze medal in the women’s 3000m relay and a gold medal in the relay
1000 m women.

She became the Netherlands’ first gold medal in short skating.
track speed. Ting School has experience in creating its own home and received the first
gold medal for a career in the world circle. At 25 she
the second youngest Dutch gold medalist in each region at the Winter Olympics.
Schülting is studying the Language Institute (NTI) in Leiden.

The athlete spoke Dutch and English. She trained … She took the game
because I had a long monitor and my coach said to run, go ahead: you can also do
short distance to understand how beautiful it is to ride. ‘

I started from a short distance and was impressed, but I’m still here, she sees her
memorable performance as a gold medal in the 1500m race at the 2016 World Junior Championships
Championship of Bulgaria in Sofia before the victory. She sees skater SjinkieKnegt
short distance due to his hero. Her parents were the most influential
in her life with her coach Jerune Otter.

They had a bum along with the teachings. In the end she had to win
Olympic gold medal in the short section of the first Dutch athlete
claiming success in the 1000m race at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Ting Ting Sports Suzanne School is successful for them in
speed skating 1000m run at the Olympic Games. Holland has it
and seven gold medals included … Long speeds prevail in the Netherlands
skate the way some other countries dominate other games.
Schulting was born into a sports family and was born in Groningen.

Her father was a football player and she has been in the game since she was eight.
years old. Surprisingly, this is only happening now. I just appreciated the closure
at first I think that’s why I won gold because I liked the mention
Shallting in the press.

The Netherlands strives for very long skating at home, but
not have the same success over short distances. Short track has been for six decades
– returned to the base, and now we are climbing, we follow so quickly, – said Schulting.