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she was later seen in the daytime soap opera Ryan’s Hope when she was 16 years old.
From an early age, she began acting in serials. She has been spotted starring
a short-lived TV series like the 2000 American Opera Titans. Thanks to her
Addicted to drugs, she last appeared in Rescuers Malibu in 2003:
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Blyth was born on June 14, 1968 in New York, USA and is best known for
her appearance in a Johnson & Johnson commercial, she was seen aged
10 months in 1969, and at the age of six she was seen on a hidden camera.
Blyth was one of the best actresses, but it was her addiction to cocaine
brought her into difficult situations. She entered a rehabilitation clinic.
in December 2000 to overcome cocaine addiction … But that didn’t work for long; in
In 2001, she was arrested when she lost control of herself while driving on the highway.
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It was in Michigan, she was injured on Interstate 94, the incident happened.
the place when she was with her husband and the police found four filled syringes
with samples of cocaine residues inside. Upon further investigation, cocaine
and drugs were found in their hotel room. This led to the charge and found
guilty, Blyth was declared on probation for two years and 100 years
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After the incident, she was sent to the Promises Rehab clinic and then she
received full treatment and therapy. In 2004, she freed herself from
accusations. It was in 2003 that she mentioned her addiction in the headline.
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