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Adele Exarhopoulos was born on November 22, 1993.
Adele Exarhopoulos – French screen character … Adele Exarhopoulos is the best
for her work as a driver, she was called Adele in the movie ‘Blue is the warmest color in the world.’
2013, for which she received recognition and approval around the world; in
2013 Cannes Film Festival AdèleExarchopoulos has become the most
young man on the historical background of the holiday to be
received the Golden Palm. For her performance in Blue – the warmest color
Adele Exarhopoulos also received the Cesar Award for Most Promising Actress.
and TrophéeChopard award for Women’s Revelation of the Year among many
different honors. Adele Exarhopoulos survived her childhood in the nineteenth century.
district of Paris, near Place des Fêtes. Her father Didier
Exarhopoulos is a guitar teacher and her mother, Marina Nike, is a doctor.
accompanying. Her paternal grandfather was Greek. In 2006
Adele Exarhopoulos was spotted by a specialist and appeared in the episode
French police TV series R.I.S, Police scientifique … At thirteen years old
Adele Exarhopoulos starred in the 2007 film Boxes.

Adele Exarhopoulos also appeared in the films Les Enfants de Timpelbach.
in 2008, overview in 2010, head of Turk in 2010,
Chez Gino in 2011, Carré Blanc in 2011, Pieces of Me in the
2012 and 2013 I was darker. AdèleExarchopoulos pulled out
worldwide and recognized for her performance in Blue Is
Warmest Color, a 2013 film based on a 2010 French realistic novel
equivalent name. The film won the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.
Festival. Adele Exarhopoulos and co-star Lea Seydoux were awarded the Palma.
d’Or next to director Abdellatif Keciche, turning into the main ladies
separated from chief executive Jane Campion to win the award;
Adele Exarhopoulos is the youngest person ever to receive the award.
Adele Exarhopoulos received wide applause and her execution was mentioned
as one of the best of the year … IndieWire commentator Eric Cohn said that
Trusted execution of Adele Exarhopoulos was the best female execution of 2013.
The execution of Adele Exarhopoulos was hailed for rudeness.

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