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Laia Costa Bertrand was born on February 18, 1985. Laia Costa
Spanish performing artist who worked in Spain, Russia, Germany, Argentina,
Italy, UK and USA … Laia Costa was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
Laia Costa starred in the acclaimed 2015 film Victoria, which
entirely improvised by screen characters; 134-minute film shot
by oneself . Laia Costa won the Lola Award for Best Actress and was nominated
for the European Film Awards for Best European Actress. Her execution
additionally put together a task for her for a respected rising star BAFTA EE
Prize. Laya Costa featured alongside Nicholas Hoult in The Drake Doremus Newness –
2017 Sundance Film Festival … Despite joint participation with Mia Vasikovskaya
and Christopher Abbott in Piercing – Sundance Film Festival by Nicholas Pesce
2018, Laia Costa is the protagonist of two films that debuted at Tribeca Film.
Festival 2018, Miguel Arteta’s Duck Butter with Aliya Shaukat and Maine with
Thomas Mann.

Similarly, in 2018, Laia Costa starred in the Amazon / Dan Fogelman TV series.
drama film ‘Life Itself’ with Oscar Isaac and Antonio Banderas, as well as
finished filming the UK stand-alone film Only You with Josh O’Connor.
The New York Times includes her in Leap Forward 2015.
Performances of the autumn season. Laia Costa is recording right now
the upcoming universal joint release of the Italian English-language television series Diavoli jointly
featuring Patrick Dempsey, addicted to world famous novel
similar name Guido Maria Brera … Laia Costa is additionally featured in
Cites, a Spanish reworking of the British TV series Dates and
Paulceres Vermelles, International Emmy Award Winner for Best Children’s Television
The series, edited by Steven Spielberg for North America as the Red Band Society.
Laia Costa holds a degree in Advertising, Advertising and Display in
The School of Communication of the University of Blankern-Ramon Lull and
International relations. Laia Costa speaks familiar Catalan, Spanish, French,
and English.

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