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FLETCHER was born on March 19, 1994. FLETCHER is a singer and actress who
won the first season of the series ‘X Factor’ (USA) and became a hit
a song called War Paint and Live Young, Die Free. FLETCHER was
named an artist to watch in Wonderland and gained her fame from Paper
magazine, TIME and entertainment weekly … FLETCHER’s debut EP ruins New York
for me was supposed to be released on Capitol Records in 2019. FLETCHER started
sang when she was six years old. FLETCHER graduated from New York.
University in 2016. FLETCHER has performed at festivals such as
Lollapaloosa, Bonnardo, and life is beautiful. FLETCHER’s real name is Kari.
FLETCHER has a younger brother named Bobby. FLETCHER started working
how are you a tuber, which in 2017 is named Shannon Beveridge.

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