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American actress, glamor model and retired professional wrestler,
mostly known for her time in WWE and is the first and only winner
The Rookie of the Year Award is none other than Joy Giovanni.

She was born on January 20, 1978 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
She is of Italian descent.

She entered the WWE Diva Search competition in 2004 and came in third place.
a place. After that, she signed with WWE and made her debut for
SmackDown as a masseur. She together with The Big Show spent
Thanksgiving party and it was confronted by Luther Raines. She started a feud
with villainous Amy Weber, and they participated in the Big Show feud with JBL.
But in 2005, after Amy Weber left, the feud ended and she left.
to win the 2005 Rookie Diva of the Year competition, where she won
Rochelle Leuven, Michelle McCool and Lauren Jones … She also took part in
bikini competition that Torrie Wilson won. After that she appeared
sometimes on the sidelines or in bikini and lingerie contests. IN
In 2005, she was released from her contract with the WWE. But she returned to WWE
WrestleMania XXV and officially debuted in the ring at the 25 Diva Battle Royal tournament.
win the first Miss WrestleMania, but was knocked out by Bella Twins. She also
had an acting education and in 2004 and 2005 starred in films,
Instinct versus reason and when everything else collapses. In 2006 she was presented in
video clip Beasts and harlots. She starred in the movie Too Cool
in 2007 . She also appeared in several commercials, including Taxi Driver.

She currently works as a massage therapist in California. She gave birth
her son in 1998.

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