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She is an American journalist who served in the United States Navy for
twelve years of combat naval pilot and reconnaissance … how
a civilian, she worked as a journalist and correspondent for Fox News.
Channel and as a general correspondent for Shepard Smith Reporting.

Lea was born on March 19, 1975 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

She graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1997. Lea earned
bachelor of mechanical engineering. Gabrielle followed the United States.
Navy Flight School at Naval Air Force Base Pensacola in Florida from 1998 to
2000, receiving its naval aviator wings.

After retiring from the Navy, in 2009 she entered the New York Film Academy.
obtaining a digital journalism certification. She then worked for NBC News in
Washington, D.C., where she filmed, composed, edited and produced packages for
The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, NBC websites and web clips. How digital
journalist and editor, Lee has covered articles for the NBC Nightly News webpage
and nationwide NBC affiliates … She was interviewed for the White House and
Political correspondents and nightly news.

In September 2011, Lee moved to San Diego and became a war reporter
KNSD-TV. In December 2013, she signed up for Fox News in New York.

Lea Gabrielle has kept her personal life as simple as her attitude. She was in
romantic affair with Greg Sutton, an engineer for a long time.
They got married on June 12, 2004, but they failed to keep their
relationship for many years. They went out in separation.

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