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Dolores Catania is an American performer, business visionary and
The philanthropist was born on December 28, 1970 in Paterson, New Jersey.
Dolores Catania lived her childhood in the place where Dolores Catania grew up.
with her family and graduated from a New Jersey school … For
higher education, Dolores Catania entered Seton Hall University, where Dolores
Catania reviewed betting law with JD. Her nationality is American
seat of Italian Irish nationality. Her current age is 46 and she
acquaintance with the world sign – Capricorn. Dolores Catania – participant
on the reality show The Real Housewives of New Jersey in the seventh
season. Bravo station broadcast the show. Besides her acting vocation,
Dolores Catania claims to be engaged in various types of wellness with her ex
about fifteen years old. Before Dolores Catania’s popularity was used as
amendment officer, attentive professional and real estate broker … Front
getting into the seventh period of the Real Housewives of New Jersey,
Dolores Catania was appointed to the position of adaptation specialist and later as a guardian.
real estate specialist and broker.

In addition, Dolores Catania has her own business and several wellness centers.
focuses. Dolores Catania is a hard-working person from different countries.
fundamentals and, moreover, an altruist. As of the end of December 16, 2016.
jointly with her former Dolores Catania, she opened a new river center called
The Powerhouse of Whippany Fitness Center is located at 50 Route 10 West Whippany,
New Jersey. Dolores Catania married Frank Catania, an American business.
man, and he has two children, little girl Gabby and son Frankie Catania.
The couple stayed together for a long time and got separated. After
separation, Gabby and Frankie stayed with their mother and were limited
from daddy of love and friendship … The most interesting thing in her own
life is such that even though the couple is separated, they cooperate as
expert associate. Indeed, even today Dolores Catania is in business
accomplice and friend of her ex. Even though they have a similar bond
and their children receive the same love from their parents.

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