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Jena Malone was born on November 21, 1984 under the name Jena Laine Malone.
American actor, musician and cameraman … Jena Malone made her debut
as an actress in the TV movie The Bastard from Carolina, released in
1996; thus Jena Malone is presented in various standard and free
films including Ellen Foster, released in 1997,
which released in 1997, Stepmom which released the same year
1998, Donnie Darko, who released in 2001 Life is like a home that
released in 2001 the book Hitler: The Rise of Evil, which was released in
2003, Saved! which released the album Pride and Prejudice in 2004
which came out in 2005, Into the Wild, released in
2007, The Ruins, released in 2008, Sucker Punch, which
came out in 2011 and The Neon Demon came out in
2016 year.

Jena Malone played the role of Joanna Mason in The Hunger Games
series. Jena Malone is also an independent pop singer in two music.
bands, namely Jena Malone and Her Bloodstains and The Shoe … Jena Malone was
Born in Sparks, Nevada, United States of America, and is a little girl
Deborah’s parents Debbie Malone and Edward Burge. Jena Malone was raised by her
mom and the better half of her mom during that period, whom she considered her own
God, mom. Jena Malone’s paternal grandfather was Karl Berge, the previous
owner of Karls Silver Club. Jena Malone’s father is partly Norwegian
descent. Jena Malone also has Irish roots. Jena Malone has grown
devastated as her family migrated as often and sometimes

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